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Beirut, Lebanon

        CV  as of Nov 27th, 2004

Uploaded articles:
(last updated April 19, 2005)

History of the Mashriq:

  • The Empire of the Amorites Revisited

  • Ancient Mashriqian (Semitic) Languages:

  • On some implications of the Tadmurean Aramaic Arabic diglossia

  • On some insights gained through an Arabic reading of Epigraphic Tadmurean Aramaic

  • A brief description of a curriculum for teaching in Arabic the Ancient Mashriqian Languages

  • Evolution of Languages:

  • Landmarks along the Path of Language Evolution

  • Accumulation and Emergence in Cultural Evolution:  The Case of the "Neolithic Revolution"

  • Steps Towards a History of the Emergence and Accretion of Human Language
  • Hominin cooperation and language evolution

    Homo praedicans


    Framework of Modes of Evolution:

  • A Brief History of Evolution


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